Visualizing Population in Italy

interactive population map of italy preview
Tableau Preview (see link below)


This interactive population map of Italy shows all ~8000 towns/cities/comuni in Italy, and allows you to filter by population and region.


When I was beginning to research where to live in Italy for the process of having my Italian Citizenship recognized, I was overwhelmed by the ~8000 comune (municipality) options to choose from. There are a lot of variables – population size, region, apartment availability, comune friendliness/helpfulness, comune availability to process citizenship requests, etc. If you know someone, have familial connections, or can use a service provider, you have a head start. But truly starting from scratch, a good starting place is with the population. Too big of a city (Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin) and you’re likely to run into a long processing time. Alternatively, too small of a town (<5000 people), you’re likely to encounter a comune that isn’t even familiar with the jure sanguinis process.


I couldn’t find the tool that I wanted, so I created it, and want to share it so others may find it useful. The tool was created in Tableau Public and should be accessible to anyone to use with the link below. It allows you click on a comune and see the region, province, and population, plus a link which generates a Google search for more information. This will give results for the official comune website and, if it exists, any page on the official comune website regarding jure sanguinis.

In addition, you can filter by region and set a population range to, for example, see only comuni in Lazio with a population between 10,000 and 50,000 residents.

Link to population map of Italy tool below (desktop viewing highly recommended).

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