Train Tickets from Rome to Florence Like a Local

Planning to travel via train from Rome to Florence? Since moving to Italy, I’ve taken over 100 train trips around the country, amounting to over 16,000 miles (26,000 km). Keep reading for how I would get to Florence from Rome by train. 

seats on modern Trenitalia Regional train

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Train from Rome to Florence

The precise route depends on where you’re leaving from in Rome. 

From Rome Airport (Fiumicino)

picture of trains at the platform in Roma Fiumicino Airport
Roma Fiumicino Airport train station

The Rome airport (FCO) is just outside of the city. If you’re landing in Rome and going directly to Florence, you’ll likely need to make one change at Roma Termini, the main train station in Rome. There is one train offering that goes directly from FCO to Florence, but it was just introduced in 2023 and only runs once per day (at about 1:43 pm). If that time works out for you, great – otherwise, plan on having to change trains at either Roma Termini or Roma Tiburtina. Click the blue button below for tickets for this route. 

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From the Center of Rome

If you’re staying in Rome first before going to Florence and you’re staying in the center of Rome, Roma Termini will most likely be your closest train station. The button below will get you tickets from Roma Termini to Firenze Santa Maria Novella.

If you’re staying in the Center of Rome but more on the northeast side (near Piazza Bologna), the Roma Tiburtina may be your closest train station. Click the button below for train tickets from Roma Tiburtina to Florence.

Image showing seat and table space on Trenitalia Frecciarossa train
You should take the Italo or Frecciarossa high speed trains from Rome to Florence if you can afford it.

From Rome Trastevere

If you are staying in the southern end of Rome, specifically the sound end of Trastevere, your nearest train station will be Roma Trastevere. From Trastevere, you’ll likely have to change trains in Roma Termini or Roma Tiburtina. Click the button below for train tickets from Roma Trastevere to Florence.

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