The Best Steak in Florence (Do Not Read While Hungry)

The bistecca alla Fiorentina, or Florentine steak, is a must-not-miss item for any meat eater visiting Florence. But where can you find it?
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Where In Florence

I’ve been traveling around Italy for over a year now and have tasted foods from all 20 regions of this culinarily diverse country. Still, I can say that this dish might just be the best thing I’ve eaten in Italy. And when I’m in Florence and I want the best Florentine steak, I have one place in mind: Ostaria dei Centopoveri.

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Located near the city center (a 12-minute walk from Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery), Ostaria dei Centopoveri serves up traditional Tuscan dishes. There’s a lot more than just steak, so this really is the perfect place to go even if you have a group that can’t agree on where to eat. Not to mention they have a solid wine list and yes, Aperol spritz.

If you get there right when they open, you can probably snag a table, but I still suggest you make reservations ahead of time especially if your group is larger than two people.

The Steak Itself

The famous bistecca alla fiorentina is a thick-cut, T-bone steak. Take note: you could opt for the single-person portion, which will be a 500 gram cut. But for the best experience, you need to find a friend, a date, or a stranger on the street to share the 1 kilogram thick-cut steak with. When it’s this thick, they will stand the steak up on its side on the grill to make sure the fat around the edges gets some attention. When you take a bite of an edge piece, a sublime combination of meat, fat, and salt, you’ll be glad that you found a friend to share it with. Because having flavor-induced out-of-body experience is always more enjoyable with company.

The best steak in Florence: Bistecca alla Fiorentina
Bistecca alla Fiorentina at Ostaria dei Centopoveri

What You’ll Get

At the time of this writing, the meal is €28 per person. To say it has reasonable prices would be an understatement. Here’s what’s included:

  • Bread (it’s unsalted Tuscan bread, so you’ll want some olive oil handy)
  • Antipasto (appetizer): platter of Tuscan cold cuts with cheese and honey
  • Main Course: Florentine Steak with roast potatoes
  • Dessert: Chestnut pudding with caramel and macaroons (at the time of this writing)
  • Coffee (espresso)
  • Unlimited water (a rarity in Italy)

The waiter may also ask you if you want a complimentary amaro (dark liquor).

How it’s Cooked

If it’s not mentioned, it will be assumed you want the steak rare. I’m generally not a rare steak person – but in this case I prefer to let the chef make it the way it was intended: browned on the outside, and warm – but not cooked – on the inside. These Tuscan meat cuts are of such high quality that some people will even eat the steak raw. I’ll stick with rare personally, but if you want it more cooked, you should let them know.


I sincerely hope you found value in this article. If you do try the bistecca alla Fiorentina at Ostaria dei Centopoveri, let me know in the comments what you thought. If you have recommendations of your own or have suggestions on what else you would like to see covered here, please write in the comments below. Additionally, if you’re planning a trip to Italy and need one-on-one support or guidance, check out my services page where you can get in touch with me.

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