Rome Colosseum
Rome Recommendations
Where I like to stay, what I like to eat, and where I like to go - and think you should too.
The Best Hostels I've Stayed in Throughout Italy
I’ve stayed in more than a dozen hostels around Italy, from Naples to Trieste. These are the best hostels in Italy that I have stayed at and always recommend to others travelers. Ostello Bello Florence Disclaimer:...
Night train from Rome to Palermo
Overnight and Over Water: Train from Rome to Sicily
I go over my experience taking a train in Italy from Rome to Palermo. I hope this is useful for others who want to do the same. 
Trevi Fountain and venice canal
Book Club: The Next Chapter Italy Locations
Want to channel your inner Jane Fonda or Diane Keaton while in beautiful Italy? Check out my guide to the Book Club: The Next Chapter locations.
Trevi Fountain and venice canal
How many days in Rome? (or any other Italian destination)
How many days should you spend in Rome? What about Florence? Venice? This is the question I see the most for people planning a trip to Italy.