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Trevi Fountain and venice canal

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Here’s a quick guide to show you the locations where Book Club: The Next Chapter was filmed. Many of the settings were actually filmed in other locations (for example some of the Tuscany scenes were actually filmed outside of Rome). So I’ll categorize them by actual location so you can more easily plan your travel.

I’ll also include how to get to these places, where necessary.


Grand Plaza Hotel – This was used for scenes taking place in both Venice and Rome, but it’s actually in Rome. This is where Sharon meets the American at the bar. 

Castello della Castelluccia – In the film, this is supposed to be in Tuscany. In fact, it’s just north of Rome. According to the director, this setting felt more like Tuscany than Tuscany. In the movie, the exterior and the (spoiler) wedding were shot here. To get there from the city center, it would be best to take a taxi or a car, if you have one. If you happen to be staying in Trastevere, you can take the train from Roma Trastevere to La Giustiniana (train tickets here).

Villa Taverna Parisi – This was also part of the Tuscan estate in the film, but it’s located southwest of Rome. This was used for the interior shots while the crew was at the Tuscan estate with the wedding dress maker. To get there from the city center, you can take a taxi or a car, if you have one. However, the villa is pretty close to a train station, so you could take the train from Roma Termini to Frascati (train tickets here).

If you like guided tours, check out all the Rome tour options on Get Your Guide.

Capotoline Museum (Musei Capitolini) – This is when the ladies were in Rome, overlooking the Roman forum. What you see in the film was actually a recreation of the museum, not the museum itself. 

Trevi Fountain – You’ve seen the photos. Get there as early in the morning as possible to beat the crowds. 

Trevi Fountain in Rome
Trevi Fountain

Spanish Steps – Same notes as the Trevi Fountain. 

Piazza della Rotonda – Same notes as Spanish Steps. This is right in front of the behemoth Pantheon – a truly stunning structure. The Pantheon is free to enter, but if you want a guided tour, check out some of these options.

Via dei Coronari – Several scenes took places on this narrow street, including at Piazza San Simeone. The café they ate at in the movie was created for the film.  

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venice grand canal
Venice Grand Canal

Hotel Danieli – This is where the ladies stayed while in Venice, while some interior shots were actually of the aforementioned hotel in Rome. 

Grand Canal – Just about any movie or show that takes place in Venice will have at least one shot of the characters on the Grand Canal. Check out some tours to maximize your experience here.

The Venice train station (Stazione Venezia Santa Lucia) – Don’t worry – you’ll see it when you arrive. 

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