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Trenitalia Passenger Train - Train travel in italy
For the Love of Italian Train Travel
After almost 100 train trips in Italy, it's safe to say I've fallen in love with train travel. A comparison with car travel shows it's cheaper, though it has drawbacks.
travel alone in Italy
10 Things I've Learned Traveling Alone in Italy
Have you thought about traveling solo but not yet pulled the trigger? These are the 10 things I've learned after a year of solo travel in Italy.
picture of small dog looking like it was proven wrong
5 Reasons I Was Wrong About Numbers in Post Titles
I changed my mind about using numbers in my blog post titles, and here's why.
Solo female travel
7 Questions for Female Solo Travelers to Inform and Inspire You
Here's 7 questions that I asked my solo female traveler friends to provide insights and perspectives in their own words.