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picture of me with Italian friends in Cefalu
How I Learned Conversational Italian in Less than a Year (as a normal person)
In less than a year I went from nothing to being able to bond with locals in Italy. If I can do it, you can.
Diego Maradona Mural in Naples Quartieri Spagnoli
Unpacking Naples’ Obsession with Football Legend Diego Maradona
Understanding the complicated story of football legend Diego Maradona in one of my favorite cities, Napoli.
Staff at Trattoria del Cavaliere taking picture with me
The Power of Learning a Language While Traveling
Insights and tips about language-learning while traveling. A guest post for Hostelworld.
Picture of me in Venice
I Traveled to All 20 Italian Regions | Here Are My Thoughts
What I've noticed about the food, the language, the people, and the culture after traveling to all 20 Italian regions.