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About Abroad with Chase Warrington
Getting an Italian Passport, and the Life Abroad
Round 2 on Chase Warrington’s podcast, About Abroad!. This was such a fun conversation! We were lucky to be able to meet in person, as our paths crossed in northern Italy. We discuss the Italian...
How to get Italian Citizenship
Getting Italian Citizenship in 2024: An Honest Overview
If you’re wondering how to get Italian passport through your Italian heritage in 2024, this is the perfect primer for you. For the sugar-coated explanation of this process, how easy it is, and how...
canal with flowers along the bridge railing
Lake Garda Recommendations You Can Actually Use
Lake Garda recommendations! Where to stay, what to do, what to eat, and how to get there.
picture of florence duomo and colosseum
Train Tickets from Rome to Florence Like a Local
Taking a train from Rome to Florence is easy! I've taken over 100 train trips in Italy. Here's where to buy train tickets from Rome to Florence.