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a bright red fiat at a stoplight in Florence
Do You Need to Rent a Car in Italy? A Quick Guide
Do you need to rent a car in Italy? There's a few things to consider. Where you're going, your budget, and if you can legally drive. Read on for more.
picture of guy holding Iphone
Keeping Your US Phone Number While Moving to Italy
How can you keep your US phone number while moving to Italy? You don't want to pay for a US plan, but you want to preserve your number. Here's how.
picture of amalfi coast coastline (top) and guy boarding Ryanair airplane (bottom)
The Amalfi Coast Airport: What You Need to Know
The new Amalfi Coast airport, its plan, and what you need to know for getting to the Amalfi Coast.
picture of dude holding USD and Cash
The Real Cost of Living: Italy vs. USA
Italy is generally cheaper in absolute dollars, but what about for Italians? Is it as cheap?
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