Me holding a guitar

about me

I’m Anthony. Professionally, I’m an engineer, and non-professionally, I’m a mountain biker, musician, and traveler. In search of a new experience, I decided after 29 years in my hometown outside of Atlanta to move to Italy for a year (story here). Having the good fortune of being born with Italian ancestry, I was also able to have my Italian citizenship recognized. In the time I’ve spent in Italy, I’ve grown passionate about sharing what I’ve learned, while still continuing to see as much of this amazing country as I can.

QuasItaliano, meaning “almost Italian”, is to say that while I am an Italian citizen, live here, and speak some Italian, I as well as everyone here view me as American first – and I’m OK with that.

about the site

I created this site because I wanted a place to share with others what I’ve learned, seen, and can recommend in Italy. Everything from travel recommendations, travel tips, language learning, food, obtaining Italian citizenship, and more.