Getting an Italian Passport, and the Life Abroad

About Abroad with Chase Warrington
Cover art for About Abroad Podcast

Round 2 on Chase Warrington’s podcast, About Abroad!. This was such a fun conversation! We were lucky to be able to meet in person, as our paths crossed in northern Italy. We discuss the Italian citizenship process for those who want to get their Italian passport through descent. In addition we discussed travel in Italy and Europe, and the ups and downs of life abroad. You can listen to the podcast on all your podcast platforms (link to Spotify here), or here on YouTube. You can follow more of my adventures here on the website, as well as on my Instagram. Keep updated with Chase’s podcast by subscribing or following him on Instagram here.

If you’re looking for more information about obtaining Italian citizenship through your family bloodline, check out my separate company dedicated to that at

If you’re interested in hearing some more background about my decision process to make the move to Italy, check out my recent post Quitting My Job, Selling My House, and Moving to Italy.

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